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Lighting and Outlets


We install all sorts of light fixtures and outlets. We have many options to get you that perfect lighting inside and outside your home and options to get your outlets in the right place. Our most frequent installs are below:

  • Pendants
  • Recessed lighting
  • Track lighting
  • LEDs
  • Outdoor lighting
  • GFCI outlets
  • Weatherproof outlets
  • USB outlets
  • Smart Outlets

Ceiling Fan Installation


We are your biggest fan! We will install all of your fans and make sure they are the coolest feature in your home. Whether it’s designer fans, builder fans, or are looking to add a new one in a room that doesn’t have one. We’ll make it look like a breeze!

Smart Home Automation


Do you want to control your lights away from home? Do you want to play music throughout your home from only your phone? Or do you want to control your thermostat from the comfort of your bed? If you want any of these or other trendy smart home features, we can install them with the existing wiring in your home. We are certified by Brilliant Smart Home solutions! 

smart home, house, technology-3991595.jpg

Home Entertainment


Everyone needs that picture perfect display to go with that quality sound system in your entertainment space. Whether it’s for a man cave, a creative space, or just for your living room, we have you covered! 

Sub PAnel Installation


Do you need power installed at your barn, pool house, or other accessory building? We can give you all the extra power you need for any space you’re looking to create.

EV Charging


Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint or kick fossil fuels to the curb with an EV? Tired of having to drive miles to find a compatible charging station? We install all types of EV chargers so you can have convenient, fast charging right at home. We can also get your home EV-ready for when you decide to make the switch!

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